International Trophies

We can send you specialized tags that will include all of the necessary information needed to get your prized trophies back here in the U.S. with little trouble if any. The tags will contain your information, the brokerage firm you choose & the Soggy Bottom Taxidermy information needed to get your trophies where they need to be.

Trophies outside the U.S. will require the use of a customs broker. We suggest Coppersmith Inc.

Coppersmith Inc.
114 SouthField Parkway Suite 130
Forest Park, GA 30297
Phone: (404) 366-1650 • Fax: (404) 366-1649

Although not mandatory, making contact with the brokerage firm of your choice before the hunt will speed up the process & likely save storage cost once your trophies have arrived in the U.S. It also ensures that your trophies will arrive at our studio safely & securely.

From there you trophies will be forwarded appropriately to us or our agent to begin the process of mounting.

Our Shipping Address
Your Name c/o
Soggy Bottom Taxidermy
233 Wild Rose Dr
Guyton GA 31312

Once your trophies are complete we will contact you to arrange pick-up or some other method of delivery to you. We can ship via U.P.S. ,U.S. Postal Service or various other methods.