You may consider having your animals mounted where they were harvested. It may seem cheaper to have them mounted in Africa but you must realize that there is a substantial cost in shipping the mounted animals back to the U.S. It is sometimes more to ship the mount than it cost to have it mounted. Think of it like this. If all the animals...skins, skulls, & horns can fit into one crate & be shipped How much more it will be to have each mounted animal crated & shipped from Africa. Crates come from Africa in two methods. Either by ship or air, & they both charge by distance, crate size, & weight, if there are multiple animals (skins, skulls, etc.) from different hunters in the same crate it will be cheaper. We suggest multiple hunters in one crate & then they split up the shipping cost. All the animals will have each hunters tag on each animal so there is no confusion & the cost will be lower if divided between them.

Before the adventure begins, with a little prep time & planning, you can help the return of the trophies move smoothly. Contact us here at Soggy Bottom Taxidermy. We can send you specialized tags that will include all of the necessary information needed to get your prized trophies back here in the U.S. with little trouble if any. The tags will contain your information, the brokerage firm you choose & the Soggy Bottom Taxidermy information needed to get your trophies where they need to be. All you will have to do is attach one of each tag to the skin, skull, or set of horns in your shipment. The brokerage firm will take care of the importation of the trophies from where you were. Once the shipment arrives in the U.S. & they have received payment for their services, the customs broker will contact you for some additional information if needed to release the shipment into the next stage of getting your animals to us.

Once your trophies arrive in our studio we will contact you to discuss the re-creation of your trophy, & let you know an aproximate delivery date. Feel free to think outside the box for a once in a lifetime mount. Think about where you were when you harvested the animal & its surroundings, i.e.: brush, trees, rocks. All these thing can help to recreate a more realistic mount. Once the decisions are made regarding the trophy you can either come by our studio or we will invoice you for 50% of the total job. We will need a signed terms of service agreement before we can begin the project. Once we receive the deposit & the signed terms of service agreement you can expect to receive a notice of completion with in 6-10 months. When you receive this you may contact us for final payment arrangements & method of delivery whether it be pick-up at our studio or another method.